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Privacy Policy

Please read our privacy policy statement:

We here at  Joy's Craftworx will ensure that any information we gather from you the customer, will be kept strictly confidential at all times, and never passed onto any third party.

Information we may gather will only be needed to either complete a payment transaction,

or send order update information back to the customer.

Any credit card numbers or payment information from customers will not be kept, in accordance with laws, and only used with the conscent of the paying customer.

If the customer has indicated that they would like to be included on the email newsletter,

this will be the only other time an email maybe sent.

We guarrantee to never send unnecessary or unwanted emails to any customer.

We trust that the above information is adequate to build a trusting relationship with you as the customer.

If you have any queries about the above information, please call or contact us to answer your questions.