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Destiny Child Rescue

Joys Craftworx is proud to support & be an advocade for Destiny Rescue. We also encourage you to support this very worthwile organisation and change childrens lives forever.
You can get involved and help by sponsering a child in Africa, India, Cambodia, Thailand.


Every 26 seconds a child in one of the developing nations are being sold or lured into the sex trade.

Girls as young as 6 years of age are traded by their families for money, or tricked into believing they are wanted for work in cities such as Bangkok, but soon relise they are trapped into the sex trade from which they cannot escape.

You can help stop this from happening by supporting Destiny Rescue Organisation in rescueing these girls off the streets and giving them a safe loving home away from that scene.

Please join us in helping this great cause by registering for the "26 secong challenge"

Contact Joy at our store on 03 55237190, or use the contact us form on on the home page to find out more about how you can help be a part of rescueing helpless girls from prostitution and abuse.